-pipe support?

-pipe support?

I have searched the docs, and the threads here and I can't find an answer.

I'm currently trying to port some gcc code over to using the Intel Compiler in our environment. We utilize Vesta (www.vestasys.org), which is a code repository/build/cache system. Without going into the gory details our problem is with temp files.

When we are using gcc, we have the -pipe option that takes the pre-processor output and feeds it to the compiler without creating a temporary file. It seems that the -pipe option is ignored, and looking through the docs I don't see any reference to it, or any other option that will prevent the creation of the files.

I did find the TMP environment Variable, but re-directing it doesn't work in this case (Vesta has a virtual filesystem it creates during the build...so if the compiler can see it, so can Vesta).

I believe we can make forward progress without a solution, but the Caching behavior will be slower, and need more persistant disk space, which we like to keep to a minimum.

We are using 10.1.018 for Linux. We had started compiling against gcc 3.2 but we will be moving to 3.4 shortly.


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