problem with "idb -gdb -i mi" on win IA-32

problem with "idb -gdb -i mi" on win IA-32

I try to get my eclipse cdt working with the intel debugger using the gdb mi protocol on windows IA-32.
I tried 10.1.020 and also 10.0.027 without success. When starting the debugger session in eclipse the gui hangs
t runs into atimeout, because the debugger doesn't send a reply. Here is the debugger protocol:

31-gdb-set confirm off
32-gdb-set width 0

It seems, that"^done"is missing as a reply to"-gdb-set-width 0".
This can be easily reproduced on the command line. Just start idb with "idb -gdb -i mi" and use
"-gdb-set width 0" as command.
If I do the same on linux/x64, ^done is printed correctly.

Any idea?

Thanks and regards,


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