-IPO optimizations

-IPO optimizations


I compiled blender 2.46 last week and I'm very happy with the speed increase in teh rendering. Now I want to enbale IPO optimizations but I get an error OUT OF MEMORY when building the final app when -ipo is activated :S. The I tread -ipo15 and I have the same results. I don't want to start any compilation again because it takes almost 3 hours. So, in the docs says ipo-separate consumes leesmemory tnah just -ipo, is that correct?.

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That's great to hear that you got a good speed increase. I haven't tried building blender with icc, and I'd love to hear more about your experience with it, especially if you have any concrete performance numbers. I might try to build it myself sometime soon, so any "getting started" tips on how to build it would be appreciated.

In answer to your question, using -ipo-separate can reduce the memory usage in the ipo phase. Essentially it's like saying -ipoN where N is the number of total source files. Unfortunately it can also increase compile time, so if that is a significant issue for you, you might want to try a different approach.

What I would do if I were you is try to limit the use of -ipo to the collection of files that are most performance critical, i.e. the rendering code and other CPU intensive bits. If you can significantly reduce the number of files that -ipo is used on, you can reduce both memory and compile time. I'm not familiar with the blender build environment so I don't know how easy that is to do, but that would probably be your best bet. Or you can try -ipo-separate and let it run overnight and see what happens.


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