_aligned_realloc equivalent in intel compiler? (help please)

_aligned_realloc equivalent in intel compiler? (help please)

Hi, im trying to port mfc code to linux and i am using the intel compiler.

I could not find a equivalent _aligned_realloc() in the intel compiler manual. Has anyone encountered this problem and how did u solve it?

Thank you very much

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Well, I've been hoping that someone else had some good ideas. Unfortunately, while we have _mm_malloc() and _mm_free(), we don't seem to have _mm_realloc(). Among the possibiliies are that you could either implement a separate aligned malloc/free/realloc using the standard malloc and free, or you could implement your own _mm_realloc in terms of _mm_malloc and _mm_free().

Maybe someone else has a better idea?


I have — Intel should implement support for _aligned_realloc() , _aligned_malloc(), and _aligned_free() if there is already support for that in Visual Studio (check stdlib.h, there are more functions with alignment).

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