Linux SATA drivers (ahci.ko)

Linux SATA drivers (ahci.ko)


Our product uses standard Linux SATA drivers (ahci.ko) for controllers that ICH8 based.

Does Intel have any inhouse developed drivers for these controllers on Linux. If so, could you please point me the URL from where I can download it.


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Let me be the first to ask you have you given any thought to your question before you posted it?

  1. You are posting in the wrong forum this is software support forum, not hardware support forum
  2. You are asking for drivers which you already have.
  3. You haven't used search
  4. You haven't even bothered to post into Watercooler / Catchall room instead of here

Do you honestly expect an answer here?

What kind of answer would that be?

Perhaps you expect someone from Intel to say "Why yes, we have special in house developed AHCI drivers for Linux which dramatically improve performance or add fantastic new features, but we somehow forgot to announce that to the Linux community, and forgot to publish them on our driver download page"?

Or perhaps you expect them to say "Congratulations Sherlock Holmes, you have just discovered that Intel is hiding superior Linux AHCI drivers in Intel C/C++ Compiler support forum"?!?

Good luck in your future searches. With that attitude, you are going to need all the luck you can get.

Igor Levicki

Howdy, I just wanted to let you know that there are solutions to your SATA problem. Unfortunatly, Intel is in bed with Microsoft and you will not find the answer on this page. During a linux setup the install may start ok, but may not read from CD (Debian) after intall begins. Thats what happened to me, but I found a solution on this website "" for the SATA problem. If you are using an older version of linux try that page out it helped me. (The newer versions of Linux should give you no SATA problems.) As for Egor (sorry I mean Igor) try being a little more constructive!!!

I am constructive! I have told him (politely) that he is in completely wrong forum, and encouraged him to start using his brain, especially if he wants to get the most out of his Linux system.

Igor Levicki

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