OBJ differences between Intel Compiler and VC Compiler

OBJ differences between Intel Compiler and VC Compiler

I am working on a tool that will use information from OBJ files. Ultimately I'd like the tool to be compatible with both Intel and Microsoft VC compilers. So any help on the following questions would be really appreciated:

1. Does Intel Compiler use the same name decoration algorithm as the VC compiler? Meaing, when compiling the same target source, the OBJs produced by both compilers will have the same decorated names for every variable/function..etc.

2. By looking into section dumps, I notice Intel Compiler combines ALL of the local variables in one section in RDATA. Unlike VC compiler every local variable of different name is in an independent section. Is there a switch that can change Intel Compiler's behaviour to be the same as VC compiler?

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1. I think you refer to the C++ name mangling, which has to be the same for compatibilit y, in the absence of IPO (when /GL- is set for both compilers).
2. I wasn't aware of this particular issue. Some differences in layout date back to a time when Microsoft didn't permit other compilers to duplicate their scheme. I don't believe there is any option to control it.

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Thank you very much for the repsonse :)

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