Free Seminar on Intel Software Development Products

Free Seminar on Intel Software Development Products

Free Seminar on
Intel Software Development Products

Seminar Overview:

Multi-Core processors change the rules about getting performance from your software. Until recently, you could expect faster software as processor clock rates increased. Now performance will primarily come from multi-core processors. Intel is hosting a FREE seminar on using Intel Software Development Products to maximize performance on the new multi-core processors.




Contact to Register

Tuesday Dec 4, 2007

Thursday Dec 6, 2007

8:30 am to 3 pm

8:30 am to 3 pm

Intel Inc.

One Cambridge Center, Floor 11

Cambridge, MA 02142

Sun Microsystems, Inc.
400 Atrium Drive
Somerset, New Jersey 08873 USA

Greg Anderson 503-712-7093 or

Frank Terlecki 781-826-2697


The seminar will introduce the capabilities within Intel Software Development Products that help maximize application performance on multi-core systems. Topics will include:

Utilize built-in optimization capabilities in the Intel C++ and Fortran compilers including auto-parallelization and OpenMP* support to achieve improved multi-core application performance.

Find obscure threading errors and optimize 32 and 64 bit threaded applications using Intel Thread Checker and Intel Thread Profiler.

Use Intel VTune Performance Analyzer to tune multi-core resource sharing and identify application bottlenecks.

Take advantage of tuned and tested C++ routines to simplify porting common serial data structures and algorithms to efficient parallel code with the Intel Threading Building Blocks library.

Maximize application performance and reduce development time with highly optimized, thread-safe functions with Intel Performance Libraries.

Quickly find MPI communication performance bottlenecks with Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector. Simplify the deployment on multiple cluster fabrics easily with Intel MPI Library.

Learn more about the tools by the visiting Intel Software Development Products website at

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