Intel Compiler 10.0.018 setup problems with Vista

Intel Compiler 10.0.018 setup problems with Vista

I tried to install ICC 10.0.018 under Vista 32-bit Ultimate and here is what happens:

  1. When only compiler setup or only IDE setup is ran from their respective folders even as administrator and with User Account Control disabled, there is a long delay before anything starts happening and another delay during installation itself. Note that I tried to rerun them separately so as to resolve setup problems
  2. Integration doesn't work, cmd window doesn't show up as usual when IDE integration is being installed.
  3. Compiler setup fails to set INTEL_COMPILER environment variable.

On the other hand, IPP 5.2.038 setup behaves normally (no delays whatsoever).

I used fully patched Vista and Visual Studio 2005 with SP1 and Vista specific patch applied. Run As Administrator haven't made any difference.

You should consider updating compiler setup engine to match the one from IPP because that one seems to work.

I have been able to install integration manually by running cmd.exe as administrator and then navigating to C:Program FilesIntelCompilerVS IntegrationC++VS2005 and executing

integrate.bat "C:Program FilesMicrosoft Visual Studio 8Common7Tools"


Igor Levicki
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