Backend Signal error

Backend Signal error


I am trying to compile with icc(ver 9.1) on a SGI Atlix with SuSE linux but keep getting compile errors:

icc -c -MMD -MF ./objects/MbData.r.d -MT ./objects/MbData.r.o
-Qoption,c,--context_limit,100 -fPIC -DMSYS_LINUX
-I/home/ckearney/Documents/h264/orig/jmvm/JSVM/H264Extension/build/linux/lib/H264AVCCommonLib/../../../../include -I../../../../src/lib/H264AVCCommonLib -DMERL_VIEW -w -O3 -DNDEBUG -Wuninitialized -o objects/MbData.r.o /home/ckearney/Documents/h264/orig/jmvm/JSVM/H264Extension/build/linux/lib/H264AVCCommonLib/../../../../src/lib/H264AVCCommonLib/MbData.cpp

(0): internal error: backend signals

compilation aborted for /home/ckearney/Documents/h264/orig/jmvm/JSVM/H264Extension/build/linux/lib/H264AVCCommonLib/../../../../src/lib/H264AVCCommonLib/MbData.cpp (code 4)

make[1]: *** [objects/MbData.r.o] Error 4

I thought it was an error due to a large object file, but I tried to use "-Qoption,c,--context_limit,100" with no sucess.

Thanks, Chris

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This is an internal compiler error. I'd suggest you submit a support issuewithtestcase to . I'd try changing optimization form O3 to O2 on this file to see if that helps, if not try O1, then O0.



i am trying to build jsvm on linux platform.
we are facing some errors as
make[1]: *** [objects/MbCoder.d.o] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/jsvm2012/JSVM/H264Extension/build/linux/lib/H264AVCEncoderLib'
make: *** [all] Error 2

i am also attaching whole file of building process,
please help me out from this error.
thank you.


Downloadtext/plain linux-build-try-15-12-12.txt35.06 KB

Hi sandip,
I think that the build is failed because of the inclusion of conio.h header file in "src/lib/H264AVCEncoderLib/MbCoder.cpp". So you can rather remove the inclusion and see if there are any functions/API's like "getch()" and so on and try to replace those.

Sukruth H V

Hi 'sandip p',

>>../src/lib/H264AVCEncoderLib/MbCoder.cpp:1:19: error: conio.h: No such file or directory

Please try to understand why conio.h header file is missing?

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