Operator template initialzation help

Operator template initialzation help

I am using the GALib suite of libraries as part of my program to perform some searches. However, I am having problems linking it to the rest of my program as the GALib config files requires the following directive to be issued.


This directive basically instructs the compiler to look for actual implemetnations of all templated function comparison operators. For example, if I had a class named LenghtLimitedList which is templated on any class, I would have to implicitely define all ==, !=, .. operators for each type of LenghtLimitedList I want to use.

If I use a LenghtLimitedList member within my class, could someone give me some advice on how to instatiate the comparison operators for an iterator defined for this list. Please consider the LenghtLimitedList as astandard C++ vector for this purpose. The iterator would therefore be used to iterate through whatever members are within the class.

Any help would be appreciated.


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