icc 9.1 for FreeBSD

icc 9.1 for FreeBSD

I am attempting to use icc9.1 on FreeBSD 6.1, using the linux version of icc (l_cc_c_9.1.043.tar.gz). I have made modifications to the FreeBSD icc "port" to update it for icc 9.1, and am able to produce a working compiler.

However, I get warning messages when performing the "objcopy" step:
/usr/bin/objcopy --redefine-sym __sigsetjmp=sigsetjmp --redefine-sym
stdin=__stdinp --redefine-sym stdout=__stdoutp --redefine-sym

no group info for section

IIUC the objcopy step changes the location of stdout and friends, which have different names in FreeBSD and Linux. See:

Can anyone help me with these errors?


Simon Robbins

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