C++ Compilers 9.1 now available!

C++ Compilers 9.1 now available!

We now have Windows and Linux C++ 9.1 Compilers in addition to our Mac OS compilers. Note: Mac OS 9.1 Compilers were announced earlier here: http://softwareforums.intel.com/ids/board/message?board.id=16&message.id=3861


Introducing the Intel C++ Compilers for Windows* Version 9.1 and Intel C++ Compilers for Linux* Version 9.1

These new products are compatible with our next-generation energy-efficient performance desktop and mobile processors, the Intel Core2 processors !

Take advantage of these latest features:

Multi-core processor support

Auto-parallelization and OpenMP* support

Windows* Support

Plug-in compatibility with Microsoft Visual Studio* (98 (C/C++ only), 2002/ 2003/ 2005)

Native source and object code compatibility with Microsoft Visual C++*

Source compatibility with Compaq Visual Fortran*

Linux* Support

Command line compatibility with GCC (C++/ Linux*)

Source and binary compatibility with GCC 3.2/ 3.3/ 3.4/ 4.0

Integration with Eclipse* 3.1.1/CDT 3.0 (IA-32 & Intel Itanium architectures)

And as always, rely on our World-class support, free product updates, and extensive technical documentation as a valued customer.

Please go to the following link to learn more.


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