Code optimization

Code optimization


I try to optimize a scientific code. To achieve this I would try to fine profile my run with the option -prof-gen-sampling instead of -prof-genx.
I first compile my code using -xP -O3 -static -ansi-alias -prof-dir $REP -prof-gen-sampling
Then, when I run my instrumented code with profrun, I obtain an error :

[pascal@cagire Donnees_Test_Euclide]$ profrun -verbose -bufsiz:1000000 -dcache calcul_grectif [cmd args]

calcul_grectif [cmd args]
tb5 file: "/tmp/pgoAGY2kE.tb5"
tb5 only: false
tb5 keep: false
hpi file: "pgopti.hpi"
executable: "calcul_grectif"
bufsiz: 1000000
sampint: 4
wait: 600
log file: none
events: 1
event 0: "2nd Level Cache Load Misses Retired" (sav = 997)

profrun: start sampling
VTune library loaded:
VTStartSampling: 0x0xf7fd6e50
VTStopSampling: 0x0xf7fd6f10
VTStartSampling error: unknown error code: 88

Thanks to help me !

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