Windows Server 2003 R2 PSDK: SIZE_T error

Windows Server 2003 R2 PSDK: SIZE_T error

HelloWhen I compile the intel 9.0.19 compiler for windows, integrated in 2003, with the Windows Server 2003 R2 PSDK (, I get the following errors:%PSDK-DIR%asetsd.h(339): error: inline specifier allowed on function declarations only

%PSDK-DIR%asetsd.h(340): error #698: the modifier "__inline" is not allowed on this declaration
void * POINTER_64

%PSDK-DIR%asetsd.h(341): error: expected a ";"

%PSDK-DIR%winnt.h(222): error: "__ptr64" has already been declared in the current scope
typedef void * POINTER_64 PVOID64;

%PSDK-DIR%winnt.h(222): error: expected a ";"
typedef void * POINTER_64 PVOID64;

%PSDK-DIR%winnt.h(5423): error: identifier "SIZE_T" is undefined
SIZE_T PagedPoolLimit;
.. And 95 other "SIZE_T" errors (exactly the same error: " error: identifier "SIZE_T" is undefined "The PSDK has been registred and is working with the normal cl (which is taken from the Windows Server 2003 DDK (downloadable for free at, but that shouldn't matter), to compile the same sample/file.All this leads to the question: How can I define "SIZE_T" in icl ?Best regardsMazAttached: The full error log in a zip file

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I would guess that your code should be attempting to define SIZE_T, so you would have to go back to find
where it failed to do so. I would guess it should look for size_t in stdlib.h and use that.
Your icl version is rather old, but I don't expect that to be the problem.
My last run-in with this on Windows was a long time ago, with a person who insisted that any
platform where sizeof(size_t) was not the same as sizeof(int) was broken, but you may not be running
into that situation.

The realy funny thing is, when I updated the ICL to the newest one, the problem went away... Nice work, whoever is responsible ;)Maz(Edit: typo)

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