80200/Linux. Can we use Intel C++ Compiler?

80200/Linux. Can we use Intel C++ Compiler?


Target platform: 80200 running Linux.

Dev platform: x86/Linux (standard setup)

Dev lang: c++

SPECIFICALLY what we want is our JPEG2000 coder & decoder to run blazing fast. One of our options (I think) is to use the Intel C++ Cross-compiler. (is this a true statement? Can we use the Intel C++ cross-compiler to develop on an x86 Linux box and generate code for the 80200 running Linux?)

Currently using linux-arm-gcc cross-compiler. Works fine, but need speed.

I read part of a whitepaper (Optimizing Applications with the

Intel C++ and Fortran Compilers for Windows*, Windows* CE .NET, and Linux* Updated for Intel 8.1 Compilers), and there is only ONE reference to the 80200 in the entire document.

The codec is not written to take advantage of any particular compiler or library speed features.

Thanks for any info you can offer!


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