.dyn files generated at compile time

.dyn files generated at compile time

Hi all.

I'm using Intel compiler to measure code coverage on our project. However, when I compile our project with codecoverage option (-prof_genx), many many .dyn files are generated in the PROF_DIR.

Shouldn't the .dyn files be created only at run-time?

Anyone knows any reason that may be causing this?



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That is my understanding - dyn files at runtime.

I do know -prof-genx will create .spi files at compile time. Any chance you are confusing the two (dyn vs. spi)? I have confirmed on a simple testcase using 9.0 with -prof_genx that no dyn file is created, but there is anspi filecreated.


You are right. Only .spi file should be created at compile time.
I tested it with sample test and worked fine. But when I start compiling bigger projects, some .dyn files appear in the PROF_DIR.
When I compiled our entire project, there was hundreds of .dyn files in PROF_DIR when compilation process finished.

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Is there any possibility that during the make procedure, you produce some executables that are then run as part of the make procedure? This is somethimes done in order to create a file that contains some parameters and is included afterwards in the source code.


maybe that what's hapenning. I will have to ask someone with more knowledge of the build process to see if that is really happening.
Thanks for your help!

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