Question about F32vec4 class & licence

Question about F32vec4 class & licence

Hi guys;

I'm new user of this forum. I came in manily in search for some answers.

For the first - may I modify fvec.h header for use in my own library? Does licence permits this? It say "all copyrights reserved etc ....


*** Copyright (C) 1985-1999 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.


*** The information and source code contained herein is the exclusive

*** property of Intel Corporation and may not be disclosed, examined

*** or reproduced in whole or in part without explicit written authorization

*** from the company.



I really wonder about "can not be examined" part - I am not allowed to look at it?????

My modification consist of simply adding a nameles struct to the class so I can easier access members. Something like this:

class F32vec4





__m128 vec;

struct { float x, y, z, w; };



So I can do something like this: F32vec4 a; a.x = 3; ... etc.
Secondly how are comparisons with this class done? I see there is no " == " operator implemented. I can't do something like this:

F32vec4 a, b, c;

if( a == b)

do somethign ...

I wonder how ppl do comparisons with this class & how can I implement "==" operator with simd instructions. Yes I would also lilke to put it into fvec.h file.

And also some typedefs like:

typedef F32vec4 vec4f;

Am I aloud to do that according to licence?

best regards


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