Infinite loop in mcpcom with -ipo and -static under FC4

Infinite loop in mcpcom with -ipo and -static under FC4

When trying to compile and link with either icc8.1 or icc9.0 and using the combination of -ipo and -static on a system with a complete Fedora Core 4 (i386/ia32) installation, mcpcom appears to go into an infinite loop. When either -ipo or -static is used separately from the other, the build proceeds and completes normally.

A simple demonstration case with icc9.0 is attached.

To clarify:

If the either:
icc my_fputs.c hello_world.c -o hello_world -v -ipo


icc my_fputs.c hello_world.c -o hello_world -v -static

is used with either icc8.1 or icc9.0, the build goes normally. Using -ipo and -static together, fails on FC4 (e.g.):

icc my_fputs.c hello_world.c -o hello_world -v
-ipo -static

This problem does not occur under Fedora Core 3 (w/ both gcc3.4.4 and gcc4.0.0) and gcc4.0.1 successfully builds static executables under the FC4 installation.

I realize that this problem is likely due to an FC4 or gcc4 issue, and Intel makes no claim of supporting FC4 or gcc4. Are there any work-arounds/fixes that would permit using -ipo with -static on FC4? Any suggestions on how to further diagnose the problem so I can forward useful details to the FC4 lists? Thanks.

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my_fputs("Hello world!
return 0;

try adding an extra null character at the end? Maybe it is hitting a buffer overrun and adding the null character may fix it for that version. Just a thought but probably won't help. The original version compiled ok on mine though.


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