Simple? xscale-elf-gcc problem

Simple? xscale-elf-gcc problem

Hello folks,
I installed the new cygwin version (1.5.18) and unpacked the Wasabi Cygwin Files ( to C:
I set all the system variables declared in the handbook but trying to compile the hello World programm:
int main()
printf ("Hello world
return 0;
Trying to compile the hello world program, I gethyrogliphic messages like:

cc1:_/cygdrive/e/wasabi_drops/wasabi031117/install031117/include: Invalid argument
cc1:_/cygdrive/e/wasabi_drops/wasabi031117/install031117/lib/gcc-lib/xscale-elf/Wasabi-3.3.1/include: Invalid argument
cc1:_/cygdrive/e/wasabi_drops/wasabi031117/install031117/xscale-elf/sys-include:Invalid argument
cc1:_/cygdrive/e/wasabi_drops/wasabi031117/install031117/xscale-elf/include:Invalid argument

It seems like some config is pointing towards some virtualharddisk e and some directories, but I just can't find out where this config is!!

Thanks alot in advance!

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