intel C++ compiler 9.0 integrations in microsoft VS6 problem.

intel C++ compiler 9.0 integrations in microsoft VS6 problem.

hi, I have installed microsoft visual studio 6.0 Enterprise Version and SP5 on my computer, and also installed microsoft processor pack for SP5 on my computer.

when I install intel C++ compiler 9.0 ( the only version I have installed, no other version), it can install the main compiler programs into my computer, and I can test the sample c program without problem. but when I
install the compiler 9.0 integrations in microsoft VC6, I always got the error
message when installing:

The wizard was interrupted before intel c++ compiler 9.0 integrations in Microsoft visual Studio* could be completed i......

You system has not be modified, to complete installation at another time, please run setup again.

I have tried to install the compiler many times, but still have the same problem. and I did not see any invoking menu items from Tools menu bar.
so I searched some articles about integrations from intel websites, I had done all I found, but still have the problem, I really confused about that. please help me. thanks.

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