XScale CPU not showing in C++ 4.0,POCKET PC2003 settings

XScale CPU not showing in C++ 4.0,POCKET PC2003 settings

Hi, have got Micrsoft Embedded c++ 4.0 SP4 installed and
installed Intel C++ compiler 2.0. Am compiling code for Pocket PC 2003 SE but don't get the Xscale CPU option when compiling code, only WCE ARMV4 & WCE emulator as I had before Intel install. Would have expected an additional CPU option as I can see a plugin in the path
C:Program FilesIntelIntel C++ Compiler 2.0 for eMbedded Visual C++pluginintelxsccpuxscpu.dll.
Any ideas on how to install the cpu?

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The supported target CPU as listed in eMbedded Visual C++ is a function of the Microsoft SDK for Pocket PC and not of the Intel C++ Compiler plug-in. Thus the setting for ARMV4 or ARMV4I, which is the Microsoft baseline is correct.

This doesNOT imply however that you cannot optimize using theIntel Compiler forIntel XScale Microarchitecture. Just the opposite. In the Tools pulldown menu you should find the additional entry "Select Compiler" that let's you choose the Intel Compiler. You also have an Intel Compiler Options entry to add Intel specific options to your build. You can obviouslyalso add them underProject.Settings. Lastly there is an online manual available from the same Tools pulldown menu as well.

The keytarget specific options that you will want to have a look at are


with n: 1: Intel XScale microarchitecture support

Sorry - Explorer acted up on me - continuing post:

/QTPxsc1 : Intel XScale microarchitecture support
/QTPxsc2: additionally Intel Multimedia Process Technology Support (PXA25x, PXA26x)
/QTPxsc3: Intel wireless MMX support (PXA27x)
/QTPxsc4: intel wirless MMX2 support (next generation XScale processor)

You may also want to have a look at /Qvec, which turn on the vectorizer (agressive loop unrolling using 64bit MMX regsiters.

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