Linux ICC Support: help needed

Linux ICC Support: help needed

Hello, I am currently working on maintaining an up to date list of information related to installing ICC 8.1.028 on linux using it with specifically Gentoo Linux Distribution however much of the information applies to other Linux Distros aswell.

As part of the effortI aim to run a Linux based computer inwhich all the code has been compiled under ICC, to achieve maximium performance.

Currently there is a list of packages (around 10 at time of writing) which do not work with ICC, mostly Linking errors.

I am in need of experienced programmers to help make these packages work with ICC, and patches to make critical elements of the Linux computer, the kernel also function with ICC realibly.

The current link to the information is
Please contribute! Maybe one day Linuxusers will have a choice besides GCC for their software development.

Andrew Muraco

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