Dual-core has shipped, is your app ready?

Dual-core has shipped, is your app ready?

As you may have known that Intel has begun shipping the first dual-core processors, I'm wondering if you've tried your application on those systems and what kind of performance gain you see.

Multi-threaded applications potentially benefit the most. But it takes time to port a single threaded application to multi-threaded app even with help from tools. There're many tools provided by Intel and those can be found at "http://developer.intel.com/software/products/threading/".

There're many technologies to thread an application. What technologies do you prefer? What type of tools do you use? Do you feel the Intel C++ Compiler provides enough features for you?

The latest Intel C++ Compilers support OpenMP* 2.0. It is perhaps the easiest way to thread an application. Your thoughts?

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