MS 2003 .NET & Intel 8.1 Compiler

MS 2003 .NET & Intel 8.1 Compiler

I am trying to compile a 64 bit application on a 32 bit system. I was able to do this in MS VS 6.0 using previous versions of Intel's compiler 6&7 using the selection tool.

Is this functionality available in 8.1 and 2003 .NET? If it is possible what are the steps to make this happen.

Thanks in Adavance

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The Intel 8.1 cross compiler for Itanium-based application is not integrated into VC.NET, neither the 8.1 EM64T compiler.

But you can still use the Intel 8.1 cross compiler from VC6.0 IDE. The "Compiler Selection" tool should work with 8.1, but not the EM64T compiler.


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