Problem using amaths library with MS .NET

Problem using amaths library with MS .NET

Hello, I am trying to use amath library with Microsoft .NET 2003 C++ compiler ( cl version 13.10.3077) on a Pentium M powered computer (SSE2 is supported).
While MS intrinsics give no problem to the compiler ( e.g. _mm_set_ps1, _mm_mul_ps), it chockes on the amaths library function am_log_eps with error message :

error C2718: '__m128': actual parameter with __declspec(align('16'))
won't be aligned..

Here is a small piece of code that provokes malcontent:
__m128 *h_1;
__m128 m0, m1, m2;
h_1 = (__m128*) h->hm_1;

for (i=0;i

m0 = h_1[i];
m1 = am_log_eps(m0);
m2 = _mm_mul_ps(m0, m1);

Any ideas why MS compiler does not accept the call to am_log_eps...
Thanks in advance,

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