who calls __cxa_vec_ctors???

who calls __cxa_vec_ctors???

I compiled and linked my Project with the GNU-Compiler and everything worked fine. Now iswitched to Intel-Compiler with -cxx-lib-gcc Option and I get two unresolved symbols: __cxa_vec_ctors and __cxa_vec_dtors.

I thought the -cxx-lib-gcc Option would produce binary compatible results ?

I know that __cxa_vec_ctors is from libstdc++ library. Why does Intel need this lib and GCC not??? Maybe something about ABI-Standard?
I use Gcc3.3.3 and Intel-Compiler v8 and 8.1 beta.
Thx Rob

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Dear Rob,

I'm not sure what the problem could be. If those symbols are defined in libstdC++ and you are using the -cxxlib-gcc option, we should be linking with libstdC++ and thus have access to those symbols. So that's the first place I'd look to see if we are linking with libstdC++. One way to do this is to add -# to your command line. This option will list the commands occurring under the hood (compile + link) with the various paths used.

Hope this helps,


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