Disabling Intel provided standard libraries

Disabling Intel provided standard libraries

Exactly how does one go about disabling the Intel C compiler from generating code that calls its own internal library functions. Specifically, I don't want my code to make calls to _intel_fast_memcpy.

I understand that this is sort of a frequently asked question, and it is in the README, but all of the explanations I've read seem to point people in the direction of making sure they are using the correct linker and the correct linking options. However, specifically what options can be used to disable icc from trying to jump to any of its own optimized function calls?

My code is using the -nostdinc and -nostdlib options, and this is clearly why I am getting linker errors, but I find it odd that even though I don't want any standard included libraries the icc generated code still tries to make a jump to it... just seems strange to me.

Right now, this is only a problem with memcpy, but it would be a problem if any Intel libraries are called in my code. I don't want any external Intel library calls.

Any pointers to where this is documented, the flags required to disable Intel specific functions/libraries, or an explanation of how to get around it would be grateful.

icc version 8.0


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