beginner: can't find include files

beginner: can't find include files

hi all,
I have just installed intel C++ compiler (trial version) and I tried to compile simple cpp program. But it complained about include file with this error
"could not open source file "stdio.h" " my simple program like below

#include stdio.h
int main (){
cout << "welcome
return 0;

I use compiler from command line (os:windows) andI checked environmentvariables they seem ok. But when I checked include directory, where the compiler installed, I realized that there are just 14 include files exist.

Isit about evaluation version of compiler (trial) ?

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Intel C gets most of the standard includes file from the underlying compiler installation (gcc or MSVC). It's not a standalone compiler.

Check your syntax
is the usual form, indicating you want the file from the compiler installation.

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