patch error ept0036: Old File not found.

patch error ept0036: Old File not found.

The following command:

./papply -u icc.rtp /opt/intel_cc_80

in the directory:

cd ~/download/intel/non-commercial/l_cc_pc_8.0.066_pe069.1/
ls -d *
chklic clicense C++ReleaseNotes.htm icc.rtp lgpltext notes papply

produces error:

null:/home/evansl# cd /home/evansl/download/intel/non-commercial/l_cc_pc_8.0.066 _pe069.1
null:/home/evansl/download/intel/non-commercial/l_cc_pc_8.0.066_pe069.1# ./papply -u icc.rtp /opt/intel_cc_80
PATCH Version 6.00 - RTPatch Professional - Software Update System
Linux Edition
(C) Copyright Pocket Soft, Inc., 1991-2001. All Rights Reserved.

error ept0036: Old File not found. However, a file of the same name was
found. No update done since file contents do not match.

What should be done to install the patch?

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I would suspect that you may have edited some file in your installation, possibly unintentionally. The slow but sure way to fix everything is to run the uninstall script in your compiler /bin directory, re-install 8.0.066, then apply the patch. If you have intentional modifications of any scripts, save your own version first, then compare at the end to restore your modifications. I run into this with the Windows compilers, so I suppose the same could happen on linux.

OOPS! I think I should have installed the download with description:

4/26/2004 Intel C++ Compiler, Linux LtdSup

from webpage:

Sorry for noise.

After installing Package ID: l_cc_pc_8.0.066, the problem disappeared.

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