ANSI C++ Compliant

ANSI C++ Compliant

Hi I wonder if anyone can help? I am not technical at all.I would like to know if ANSI compliant C++ can be programmed on the windows platform. To all you technical people that probably sounds like a silly question.

If you know this answer I would really appreciate it if you could reply.

Thanks in advance.

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I'm unaware of any compiler that is truly 100% ANSI compliant in regards to its C++ conformance. Your question is not entirely clear because this limitation would not necessary stop a programmer from creating a program that adheres 100% to the ANSI C++ standard (as long as you do not require features not supported by the compiler (example: many C++ compilers still do not support export template).

A interesting read on the ANSI conformance of compilers can be found at:


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