Support for Xscale

Support for Xscale

Do you have an Intel compiler for linux that supports the xscale (arm binaries)? at one point i thought i read that it was supported.

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We don't offer a PCA compiler for Linux* at this time, sorry. I've forwarded this link to others that might be able to give you a better answer in terms of our plans - I can't really comment.

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RedHat as well as Wasabi offer an OS independent GNUPro compiler the objects created by which could be linked using a standard ARM-Linux GNU Linker. This would be the standard way of producing optimized code for Linux on XScale at the moment.

Intel is working closely with MontaVista on providing an XScale optimizeddevelopment toosl solution for Linux.

The MS Windows hosted Intel C++ Compilerv1.2 for XScale does not support building Linux applications at this point.

Regards, Rob

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