x86-64-bits extensions compiler?

x86-64-bits extensions compiler?


Could somebody from Intel Compiler team
inform the community when should we expect 64-bits
extension compiler or beta program of such
compiler to be available?

More than anything it will be interesting to evaluate
the impact of extended register pool for
overall performance of sequential algorithms.

On a side note, does anybody know if conditional
(DSP-like) commands found a way into extended
command set. Like ones in TI DSPs:
[ if (cond) operation ]. My understanding it should
increase performance for deep pipelines significantly.

Thank you,
Alex Telitsine

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Hi Alex,

As you guessed, we are working on a compiler to support the 64 bit extensions for our Xeon processors. We do not have an active beta program currently - if you are interested in beta testing you should request this by opening an issue on http://premier.intel.com. Sorry, but we do not have a schedule for availability for this compiler yet. Our goal in general, is to provide compilers with new features to support new features in our processors when the processors are launched.

John O'Neill

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