Has anyone installed the linux version on debian? If so,
a) did it work?
b) what method to install?

I used alien to translate the rpm's into tgz's, and copied the files over to the /opt directory. It doesn't run yet due to a missing INSTALLDIR variable from the startup script, but I may be able to work around that.

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it is now installed, and seems to be working. Here's the recipe:

apt-get install alien
alien --to-tgz intel-icc8-8.0-44.i386.rpm
tar -zxvf intel-icc8-8.0.tgz
cp -R opt/intel_cc_80 /opt/intel_cc_80
vi /opt/intel_cc_80/icc
replace all instances of "" with "/opt/intel_cc_80"
chmod a+x /opt/intel_cc_80/bin/*
ln -s /opt/intel_cc_80/bin/icc /usr/bin
cp your_license_file.lic /opt/intel_cc_80/licenses

Seems like you have figured it out.

The following link provides similar information (for Alien) and information on other OSes as well.


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