segmentation violation.

segmentation violation.


I am encountering this error message when attempting to compile the linpack benchmark on an Itanium2. With -O2 it compiles fine, but seems to encounter difficulties with -O3. I was wondering if anyone could advise how I could resolve/extract more information from this (options such as -v do not seem to provide any further information on the error):

icc -o HPL_dlaswp01N.o -c -O3 -tpp2 -DAdd_ -DF77_INTEGER=int -DStringSunStyle -I/home/clk/hpl/include -l/home/clk/hpl/include/Linux_Itanium2_FBLAS -I/usr/local/mpich-1.2.5/ch_p4/intel/include ../HPL_dlaswp01N.c

icc: error: Fatal error in /opt/intel_cc_80/bin/mcpcom, terminated by segmentation violation

compilation aborted for ../HPL_dlaswp01N.c (code 1)


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If you are getting this compiler failure with the latest compiler version, and can submit a problem report with the reproducer to, that would be preferable. There are lower level options to shut off -O3 for all loops after some source line, and -num_opt and -num_case to determine compiler internal phase numbers, but those are of use mainly to compiler engineers looking for the site of the breakdown.


I agree w/ Tim, you should submit a bug report on this. Is there multiple functions in HPL_dlaswp01N.c file ? If so, I'd add #ifdefs to isolate which function in the src file is causing the seg fault. I suggest opening an issue on & submit the isolated function that is causing the seg fault. It's best if you can submit the smallest test case that reproduces the problem. I'd also include a preprocessed file (.i) file, the help determine if it's related to system.

John O'Neill

Thanks for the info. I shall see if I can isolate the problem and contact premiere support.


Could you please let me know which build of Intel Compiler v8 are you using.
do icc -V to get build/package id.

I tried this with latest build and it seems to work fine in this case.



icc -V reports: Version 8.0 Build 20031017


That appears to be an early beta version. The one I have installed, from, has Build 20040212 Package ID: l_cc_pc_8.0.058_pl060. With anything built prior to last December, you're wasting your time.

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