Internal error compiling mysql on itanium2 with -O2 compile option

Internal error compiling mysql on itanium2 with -O2 compile option

Hi! We are experimenting with compiling mysql on itanium2. So far we have succeded compiling different versions using the options -O0, -O1, and -O3. Unfortunately we can't compile with the -O2 option. We get the following error:

(0): internal error: ECG_MODULE_ID_PRD_1377

If anyone has any ideas on this error, we'll highly appreciate it (we have the whole output from the compiles).

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As is so often repeated, any internal error is a bug. So, if it happens with the latest version of either 7.1 or 8.0 compilers, your submission of a reproducer on should be appreciated.

I compiled mysql-4.0.15 successfully with Intel compiler for linux version 8.0.058_60 using -O2 option . Could you tell which version of the source and compiler is being used.


Hi Hrishi,

Thanks for your interest. We are receiving help with our problems now and we have upgraded to the same version as you. I understand our problem with -O2 was fixed with the 057 version.


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