link problem, unresolved reference to declspec(dllimport)

link problem, unresolved reference to declspec(dllimport)

I'm attempting to build the boost library set with Intel C++ v8.0.
Given the nature of this product I guess I'm still using msvc 6.0 sp5, which is on my system.
I also am attempting to use STLPort-4.5 with this build.

Luckly, the boost build has an intel-win32-stlport tool set.

With some tweaking, probably (maybe) because of v8.0, I'm done to one problem.

This is all dll builds fail for want of a _declspec(dllimport) symbol.

The way I interprete this is that your compiler doesn't use Microsoft's propritary __declspec(dllimport/dllexport) stuff.

If this is true is it because your xilink component doesn't simply call link for making dlls?

I hope it is because this is the primary reason I'm investigating this compiler.
I want to find a way around the dll usage limits present with Microsoft's msvc v6.0 product. With it, for instance, the only thing you could use across a dll boundary in a Cpp program was abstract interfaces (no more than what COM is capable of).

My experience with linux and the capacity of shared libraries tells me vendors can to much better than this.

Am I going to find what I'm looking for with this compiler?

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There's a bug reported from boost that might be the same as your link error. We're working on it right now. The link error is below:

"D:Program FilesIntelCPPCompiler80Ia32inxilink" /nologo /DEBUG /subsystem:console /out:"d:oost-regrinoostlibsdate_time est estfacet_dll.testintel-win32debug estfacet_dll.exe" /LIBPATH:"d:oost-regrinoostlibsdate_timeuildoost_date_time.dllintel-win32debug" "boost_date_time-iw-mt-gd-1_31.lib" @"d:oost-regrinoostlibsdate_time est estfacet_dll.testintel-win32debug estfacet_dll.CMD"
xilink: executing 'link'
testfacet.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "__declspec(dllimport) public: __thiscall boost::gregorian::greg_weekday::greg_weekday(class boost::gregorian::greg_weekday const &)" (__imp_??0greg_weekday@gregorian@boost@@QAE@ABV012@@Z) referenced in function "public: __thiscall boost::date_time::first_kday_before::first_kday_before(class boost::gregorian::greg_weekday)" (??0?$first_kday_before@Vdate@gregorian@boost@@@date_time@boost@@QAE@Vgreg_weekday@gregorian@2@@Z)
d:oost-regrinoostlibsdate_time est estfacet_dll.testintel-win32debug estfacet_dll.exe : fatal error LNK1120: 1 unresolved externals

By the way xilink does invoke link for generating dll/exe.


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