What do -ip, -ipo, and -ip_no_inlining do?

What do -ip, -ipo, and -ip_no_inlining do?

Hi! I'm finding the documentation of the -ip, -ipo, and -ip_no_inlining compile options a bit unclear.

Can anyone tellif -ipoimplies -ip? Is the -ip_no_inlining option just a way to override and disable -ip? Or can it be used to disable a part of -ipo?


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-ipo does imply -ip; -ip means inter-procedural optimization within a file, but -ipo means within the application/library.
-ip_no_inlining disables the full/partial inlining of -ip and -ipo. -ip and -ipo provide more than just in-lining. So it disables only part of -ip and -ipo.

Does this help?

Yes, thank you very much! Embarrased to say, I actually overlooked that -ip_no_inlining disables only inline expansions.


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