how to do kernel compilation with icc 8.0!

how to do kernel compilation with icc 8.0!

I know the developers at Intel must use this as an internal benchmark.... come on Intel, if more people use your compiler and are impressed by its performance then you will sell more licenses!

This is probably a relatively small job (1-2 hours) for someone that has already compiled the linux kernel using icc 8.0 !

Especially for the gentoo community with non-production licenses, there has been a lot of interest in how to compile the linux kernel with icc 7.0 and 8.0!

If anyone here reads CUJ, in the Feb 2004 (pages 6,8) issue Moshe Bar was able to compile the kernel using icc 7.0 and he got about 5% to 10% improvement.... obviously not the 50% rumored on some web sites, but enough to make a difference to the benchmarkers. The kernel that he built was also about 9% smaller than the gcc kernel which probably means more cache hits in the long run for the OS itself.

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