8.0 Selection tool has no effect in Visual C++ 6.0

8.0 Selection tool has no effect in Visual C++ 6.0

I have installed Compiler 8.0 + latest patches, and the Compiler selection tool has no effect ( all compiles still default to MS compiler).
_USE_INTEL_COMPILER has no effect as well.

I had previously been using ICL 7.0 as an evaluation, and the Compiler Selection Tool worked perfectly fine in that version.

I tried on a second machine that had NEVER had ICL installed, and it displays the same symptoms.

This has to something really simple...

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It was simple - though I have no idea why it is necessary. Running the "update user's registry" tool fixed the problem.

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This is a known issue. It should be fixed in next patch. Sorry for the inconvenience.


When is the next patch and where can I get it?


The patches and packages are posted to Premier Support.
If you register at Premier Support, you'll get a notice email when there's a new package posted. And a readme text file is also posted with the package/patch that contains a list bugs fixed in each package/patch. The release notes contains the updated information also.
If you haven't registered, you can download an eval version and register with the eval copy. This will get you started.


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