Looking for documentation on F32Vec4 class

Looking for documentation on F32Vec4 class


I am looking for some documentation on the F32Vec4 class that is in the file "fvec.h" that I believe is part of the Intel C++ compiler.

Specifically, I've readon page 3-14 ofthe"Intel Pentium 4andIntelXeon Processor Optimization Manual" that the class is described in the "Intel C++ Class Libraries for SIMD Operations User's Guide", order number 693500. However,I can't seem to find this document. Any suggestions?


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Hi Slammo,

If you look at the C++ User's Guide, located at /doc/c_ug_lnx.pdf on P. 363, there is a short example: The table above shows an addition of two single-precision floating-point values using assembly inlining, intrinsics, and the libraries.

P. 395 provides additional documentation.


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