/GL, equiv. to /Qipo; Compilation fails when 2GB of memory is eaten up

/GL, equiv. to /Qipo; Compilation fails when 2GB of memory is eaten up

I just downloaded thetrial version of Intel Compiler. Iinstalled it inVisual Studio .NET 7.0 without a glitch.

I am developing one mid-sized program (about 1.7MB of C++source code), and I wondered if switching to Intel compiler would produce the prefromance benefits.

First time around, I compiled my program without a problem (optimizedcompilation was much slower than VS .NET - it does not matter much anyhow, run time is allwhat matters with optimizing compilers).

Then I set parameters: "/GL, equiv. to /Qipo" and started installation. Initial compilation of files went fine, individual IPOs went fine too, but when the accross the files (whole program) optimization started - compiler started earting computer'smemory and finaly hit 2GB of allocated memory and was shot down by Windows. Nointerim messages where output during this time.

It allworks againif I disable this optimization - but the whole idea is to extract the maximum optimized performance... so I need "/GL, equiv. to /Qipo" so that switching to Intel makes sense.

Also... I have one another problem, but I leave fixing it when and if I fix this major one.

What is the problem? How can I fix this? Any advices?

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Did you try /Qip ? If you organized your files so as not to depend on cross-file in-lining, this might give you more performance than /Qipo, as well as not forcing the compiler to bite off more than it can handle.
If you do have other problems, you must solve them before trying either /Qip or ipo. Debugging information is inadequate in the presence of ip, and problems may be impossible to isolate.

It is strange to say "bite more than it can chew" - my program is not especially big (as far as programs in extreme go)... I can't beleive than 2GB of memory isn't enough to optimize code of 1.7MB... and even if it isn't enough, Intel should have the way of going around it... Visual C++ "chews" everything that I put into it, even if it means that compile time explodes sometimes.

But /Qip works! Now, ifI couldget /Qipo working...

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