/fast /QaxW produces "unresolved external symbol" error...

/fast /QaxW produces "unresolved external symbol" error...

Why does my Intel compiler 8.0option
/fast /QaxW
produce linker error 2001: "unresolved external symbol _vmlsCos4"?

works fine.

(I got no _vmlsCos4 function inside my code.)


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Are you sure you didn't have cos() in your code? That call would be generated by vectorization of a cos() call. Then, you need to use the Intel compiler with the same option to drive the linker, or (less desirable) specify the library explicitly.

Could you be a bit more specific?

You need to make sure you are linking against the svml_disp.lib. This can be found in C:Program FilesIntelCPPCompiler80Ia32Lib.

Hope that helps!

Oh, Iwas wondering ifyou were the person I was talking with yesterday. I see that you posted the solution in a different thread. Glad it's working for you now.

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