Individual Optimization options

Individual Optimization options


Is it possible to turn-off or turn-on individual optimization options in Intel C++ compiler like gcc? For example, in GCC, global CSE can be turn on/off via command line -fgcse or -fno-gcse. Is there any similar command option provided by icc/ecc ?



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Yes, there are such options, which of course you could discover with the strings tool. However, just yesterday I had to remove some such unsupported options employed by a customer, as they were responsible for errors in his QA suite. They do change more rapidly than with gcc; what may work with the latest 7.1, on your application,may not be advisable with 8.0. Also, particularly with the IPF compiler, they interact. For example, hlo optimizations can't be added at -O2, they can only be cut back from -O3.

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