Program DataBases (PDB files) and Intel C++ 7.1 Compiler?

Program DataBases (PDB files) and Intel C++ 7.1 Compiler?


I hope this question hasn't been asked here before, at least i couldn't find it ...

Can I create PDB files with the intel compiler?

We'reusing the windows intel c++ compiler 7.1 in coexcistance with microsoft visual studio .net 2002. We're maintaining two builds at the same time ... intel and msvc (well actually four, since we have debug and release builds for both).

There's one solution with many projects. most of them create static libraries, and one creates an .exe that uses the libraries. we also use precompiled headers to speed up compiling (which is nice :)

Now the problem ... in MSVC ... for the libraries, we must use "Program DataBases" for debug info, because with C7 compatible debug info we can't use precompiled headers and that's really slowing things down. For MSVC, the solution is simple: use program databases and everything is alright ...

But ... the intel compiler doesn't create these PDB files ...
I'm not sure how things work ... but ... what can i do about it? Can I create the PDB files? Or maybe I don't need to create them at all for Intel builds?

Can someone help me out please? Willing to answer more detailed questions ... but for now, i'm not really sure what's going on :)

Thanks in advance,
Bram de Greve

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With the Intel compiler there is no difference in behavior with the /Zi (Program Database) and /Z7 (C7 compatible) options. In both cases the linker will create the PDB from debug info in the object files. As far as the Intel compiler goes you can use PCH with either of these options.

Hope this answers your question.


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