V8 available where ?

V8 available where ?

Am I correct in my vague understanding having just brought V7 that V8 is now out, if so, where does one download it from ?

Thanks in advance.

Nanos, new user and rather lost in the maze of the Intel website..

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If you purchased 7.1 and have registered with Intel Premier Support, you are entitled to a free upgrade. The purchase of any Intel Software Development tool includes free technical support and free upgrades for 12 months.

http://www.intel.com/software/products/support/index.htm- Support

http://www.intel.com/software/products/registrationcenter/index.htm- Registration

https://premier.intel.com - Intel Premier.

If you need to extend your maintenance, you can purchase a SSR - Support Service Renewal - part numberfrom any reseller listed at http://www.intel.com/software/products/reseller.htm. Some who have already updated their web sites:



Hope this helps.

Christian, Intel

Actually it didn't help :-)

I went back to the place I got the origional a few hours earlier, and low and behold, the new version was there, for anyone else lost its:


Whilst I'm here, I might also ask what the difference is between buying the online version (which I got.) over the boxed version, does the boxed version have paper manuals ? or does it just have a CD.. :-)

The link is just to download the software. You still need a license key. The license key you can order from a reseller who will send you a serial number you need to register. The registration will then send you the license key. Simultanously, the registration will give you access to Intel Premier Support.

There is no difference between the ESD version and the CD version other than the media. Other than for Fortran, Intel doesn't offer printed manuals. All manuals are online.


I bought a license key already ;-) I was disappointed that it took so long to actually buy it, as the vendor took a day to send me the login serial thing to log in to Intel, and they took a day to email it to me. Would have been quicker to buy it by snail mail! only 40 ukp more expensive. :-)

BTW, it seems awfully quiet around here, how many users are there of this forum do you know ?

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