Using IPO on DLL and/or Lib's

Using IPO on DLL and/or Lib's


I have several questions for the best way to use Interprocedural Program Optimization (IPO) on a DLL or lib. The libraries are big enough that there are good opportunities for IPO.

Right now, I use /Qipo in the compile command line and the link line. The compile line also contains /G7 /O3 /QxW. However, I end up getting link error's about missing symbol: __vmlSin4. Now I know this is from the vector matrix library, but I don't know why the linker/compiler is not finding it during the link phase?

Any ideas?


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I dont think this is in any sense related to IPO.
(You just need to use /Qipo for both compilation and linking, nothing more.)

What I m not getting is why is there reference to __vmlSin4?
and if you know the lib(vml), have your tried linking it explicitly?


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Hi tcprince,

I've tried passing /QxW on to the link options in Visual Studio, but get warnings that the option is ignored.

I did figure out that I could explicity reference svml_disp.lib in the link stage then it works. However, I still think it is an error about passing /QxW to the link stage.

What do you think?


tcprince wrote:
This would happen if the option /QxW were not set at the link stage as well as at the compile stage, or if you did not use the Intel compiler to drive the link.

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