Schedule IA-64 code with ecc toolchain?

Schedule IA-64 code with ecc toolchain?

Is it possible to use the IA-64 ecc tools to do any form of scheduling of assembler code.
I can't find any hints in the documentation (but I know there are undocumented features :-)

Does any one have any suggestion for tools to schedule IA64 assembler?


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are you trying to create an inline asm?

only mechanism for that is to create an asm function and then get the compiler to inline it with IP/IPO & maybe pgo

or better use the inline, __inline or __forceinline declarations to force inlining of the asm sequence

is that what you mean?

build an asm file (with the -use_asm flag to get an asm listing that can be recompiled..)
edit the assembler
create an obj with
ias -W DVLoc_off myfile.asm
and link your program again

No, I am aware of the fact that ecc doesn't support inline assembler for IA64 so I'm not trying to do inline.

I have a program generator that generates assembler (and no, rewriting it to generate high level languages is not an option).
Making the generator generate scheduled assembler is a too big effort so I was hopping for something that could take an assembler file and help me with getting a scheduled object file.

I haven't tried IPO and inlining yet, but if that works there MUST be some functionality somewere, that takes an assembler (or binary) file and parses it into a context that does scheduling. If that is the case it should be possible to get my assembler in there without wrapping a high level context around it :-)

The last suggestion doesn't help at all, since ias only does bundling and/or dependecy violation ananlysis, but NO scheduling
(and turning the dependecy violation check of does not improve the situation the slightest, quite the opposite actually).


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