The Glibc 2.3.2 headers contain a bits/types.h which
defines __SWORD_TYPE as an int (on systems with 32-bit
word size). It appears that the
subsitute_headers/bits/types.h and sys/types.h
files for the Intel C++ Compiler (v7.1 patch 031) for
Linux do not contain this definition. Some code I've
attempted to compile includes sys/statfs.h, which
includes bits/statfs.h, which in turn requires the
__SWORD_TYPE definition. This code has failed to
compile. I haven't yet tried defining __SWORD_TYPE
myself. Am I correct in assuming headers under the
compiler's substitute_headers directory override those
in /usr/include when using ICC? Has anyone else had a
similar experience?

Thanks in advance.


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Chris, you're entirely correct. This will be fixed in our upcoming Intel C++ Compiler for Linux* 8.0 which won't include its own types.h header.

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