Application crashes in release version

Application crashes in release version


I have a fairly simple constructor call which is crashing. The object is used very infrequently but it hosts majority of the functionality.

FIX::SocketAcceptor acceptor( application, storeFactory, settings, logFactory );

while ( true )
std::string value;
std::cin >> value;
if( value == "#quit" )

The following is part of the call stack and is my biggest concern.

_VInfreq_?initialize@Acceptor@FIX@@AAEXXZ + 403 bytes

Anything I can try to fix this problem.



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Also the call stack looks like this.

_Tree, std::allocator>::value_type, std::map, std::allocator>::_Kfn, std::less, std::allocatorXIAINFIX! std::map,class std::allocator >,class std::basic_string,class std::allocator >,struct std::less,class std::allocator > >,class std::allocator, l
XIAINFIX! _VInfreq_?initialize@Acceptor@FIX@@AAEXXZ + 403 bytes
XIAINFIX! FIX::Acceptor::Acceptor(class Acceptor::Application &,class Acceptor::MessageStoreFactory &,class Acceptor::SessionSettings const &,class Acceptor::LogFactory &) + 282 bytes
XIAINFIX! FIX::SocketAcceptor::SocketAcceptor(class SocketAcceptor::Application &,class SocketAcceptor::MessageStoreFactory &,class SocketAcceptor::SessionSettings const &,class SocketAcceptor::LogFactory &) + 59 bytes
main(int 2, char * * 0x002f4ee8) line 86 + 39 bytes
XIAINFIX! mainCRTStartup + 227 bytes

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