C++ 7.1 for Windows with .Net 2003

C++ 7.1 for Windows with .Net 2003

Has anyone tried the c++ compiler on a windows app using VS .net 2003? I 've seen a 50% DECREASE in speed going from the microsoft comiler to the intel compiler. The application is a "photoshop" like app that uses pretty standard math and trig. Nothing complicated mathmatically speaking but very data intensive, that is, lots of disk io and memory. I would have expected the intel compiler to yield much better results given that I had full speed oriented optimizations on. Baffling!


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For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.

Could you please report this issue to our Premier Support? The ReleaseNotes tells how to submit an issue to there.

We'd like to know more detail about this. Our support engineer will help you with a set of options to improve your application's performance or there might bean issue in our compiler with this special application.

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